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AP-200 SPO2 Module


Range and accuracy
- SPO2 Rangel:0~100%
- Resolution:1%
- Accuracy:70% to 100%;
± 2%: Normal
±3%: Motion or low perfusion
0%~69%: No Definition
- Pulse Rate Range:25~250 bpm
- Resolution: 1 bpm
- Accuracy: 3 bpm: Normal
±2%: Motion, low perfusion, above 200 bpm

Environmental Requirements
Temperature: 5 ~ 40º°C(operating); -20 ~ 60°ºC(Storage)
Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing(operating);
10% ~ 95%, non-condensing(Storage)
Altitude: 70 ~ 106kPa (operating); 50 ~ 106kPa(Storage)

Applicable Probe or LED Wavelength
Probe: Nellcor compatible.
IR: 905nm
Red: 660nm

It communicates with the host via a UART interface.
Data transmits with 4800baud, 8-bit data bits, odd
parity bit, and 1 Stop bit. (4800,8-Odd-1).

Power Specification
     Par.      Min.        Typ.        Max.
     5V      +4.75V     +5V         +5.25V
Current    12mA     25mA    45mA

L x W x H : 2.0 inch x 1.5 inch x 0.04 inch
(50.8mm x 38.1mm x 1.0mm)

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