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OxiSmarter I

OxiSmarter I is an attractive Finger Pulse Oximeter which can check patient's heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels easily and quickly.


The OxiSmarter I finger type pulse oximeter provides reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurement and can be worn around the neck. It's convenient for spot check readings.
The OLED display and adjustable brightness allow usage in a wide range of light and dark environments. And the value of SpO2 and PR can be clearly read at different angles from the OLED display.
It's a great SpO2 diagnostic tool for physicians and nurses to go for inspection around sickrooms of hospitals, also suitable for clinic and home use.


- Display direction is selectable
- Automatic power off after removing finger in 8 secs
- Low batter capacity indication
- Light weight less than 50 gs
- Two AAA batteries for easy replacement
- Brightness can be adjusted in 10 level
- Can be worn around the neck for convenient spot checking     


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