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Adult SpO2 Probe Sensor

ASANR-D1 / Nellcor compatible probe sensor

has been conducted strict quality inspection apply 
and designed with user-friendly. To be compatible 
with different brand technology, Acare provides 
comfort and secure fit with minimal pressure. It's 
suitable for the Operating Room, Recovery Room, 
Intensive Care Unit and Wards.

Plug type: DB9 pin

Cable length: 1.0 m

Compatible: Nellcor, Colin, Datascope (S&W), Drager, Fukuda
Finger clip SpO2 probe sensor for Adult
Available weight upon 40 Kgs
Comfortable fit for continuous monitoring
Accurate and dependable oxygen saturation reading
Easy for clean and it' s durable design
Self-aligning grip and secure use
12-Month guarantee

BCI compatible : ASABI-D1 
Plug type: DB9 pin


Philips compatible : ASAPS-D1 
Plug type: 8 pin


Nonin compatible : ASANN-M1 
Plug type: DB9 pin


Novametrix compatible : ASANX-M1 
Plug type: 6 pin


Ohmeda compatible : ASAOA-M1 
Plug type: 7 pin


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